iMRS Prime – A One-of-a-kind 6-Dimensional PEMF Therapy System


  1. Do you live with chronic or recurring aches and pains?
  2. Do you often experience muscular tension, anxiety or stress?
  3. Do you want to proactively take steps toward your well-being?

If this is you, and you’re just researching relief and found PEMF Source, then you’re in the right place…

PEMF therapy focuses on uplifting your cellular health, then going on to protect and maintain cellular vitality against the stressors of daily life.

iMRS Prime sets a new benchmark of low-pulsed electromagnetic technology for your complete personal well-being.  The iMRS Prime PEMF device can be used anywhere and anytime to bathe the trillions of cells in your body with a benevolent, nutritive electromagnetic field to improve cellular function and let you feel in control of your health again.

Let our PEMF mat experts help you see how iMRS Prime could be the right choice for you – call us now.

iMRS Prime – Exagon Sense – HRV & Sp02

iMRS Prime – Exagon Brain and Full-body Sawtooth Waves

iMRS Prime – Exagon Pad – Localized Square Tooth Waves

iMRS Prime – Exagon Spots – Localized Square Tooth Waves

iMRS Prime – Far Infrared and PEMF Waves – Hybrid

iMRS Prime – Split Mode

Choose 6D Wellness for Yourself

Heal and repair tissue injuries caused during sports in a few sessions of PEMF therapy.