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Omnium 1 2.0

PEMF Source recommends the Omnium for travel and convenience at home – let’s see this month’s special offer…

March Specials 2023

Omnium 1 2.0

Order an Omnium1 2.0 complete set and get an OmniBrain PLUS and OmniBag for free!

Complete Set Special


$4,869.00 USD / $6,281.00 CDN

Sale price

$4,133.00 USD / $5,348.00 CDN

Total savings

$736.00 USD / $933.00 CDN

iMRS Prime

PEMF Source recommends any one of the iMRS Prime packages. You can benefit from our Basic to our Hybrid – let’s take a look at what complimentary upgrades this month’s Special offers…

iMRS Prime Monthly Special in a snapshot!

Order an iMRS Prime Expert at the price of an iMRS Prime Advanced and get an “Exagon Brain” for free!


$7,617.00 USD / $9,898.00 CDN

Sale price

$5,687.00 USD / $7,395.00 CDN

Total savings

$1,930.00 USD / $2,503.00 CDN

Order an iMRS Prime Hybrid at the price of an iMRS Prime Expert and get an “Exagon Brain” for free!


$8,692.00 USD / $11,296.00 CDN

Sale price

$6,762.00 USD / $8,792.00 CDN

Total savings

$1,930.00 USD / $2,504.00 CDN

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  • We ship worldwide, and our shipping warehouses are located in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Hongkong, and Singapore

  • We are always here to personally assist you with your product setup

  • We also provide individualized advice on how you and your family or friends can get the most from your mat!

All the promos are valid throughout the month of March 2023. Please note that promos cannot be combined with other specials  – while supplies last…

Easy Financing Options

In Canada, you can achieve optimum health through www.medicard.com – as SBS is Registered as a provider with MediCard and payment plans are available starting under $4 per day.

You can also explore 0% down payment financing options in the USA starting at $3 USD per day!