Unique Features of SBS’s PEMF Systems

PEMF Source aims to help people reap the health benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy through our PEMF mat systems. By enveloping your body in an electromagnetic field at low frequency and intensity, PEMF therapy mats work on your weak cellular biology – which is at the root of diseases, illnesses, and pain. In two-six weeks of PEMF stimulation, you can experience varied and profound health benefits arising from revived cellular strength.

We offer different types of PEMF devices to help you achieve your specific healing, health, and recovery goals. PEMF therapy is beneficial for everyone, including athletes, seniors, therapy clinics, and people like you who aim to invest in and achieve long-term health instead of relying on quick fixes. Our PEMF healing machines are designed with unique features that make them easy to use at home and clinical settings as well as astonishingly effective for all.  Connect with us and get your PEMF therapy bundle today.

Key Features of Swiss Bionic Solutions

The three Swiss Bionic Solutions’ systems we offer at PEMF Source are the PEMF energy mat, the 6-dimensional iMRS Prime therapy system, and the Omnium1 2.0 PEMF wellness system. The key features of these cellular regenerative devices include:

  • These devices apply a low, pulsating magnetic field to stimulate cell functions and metabolism.

  • The system construction is designed to provide years of peak performance.

  • The mats are manufactured using a breathable fabric surface, which prevents sweating and contamination. The mats are easy to clean and use.