Feel Alive with PEMF Therapy

Are you in chronic pain?  Can’t sleep?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy is a calming, restorative modality that stimulates and exercises the cells, energizing them to reverse the signs of cellular dysfunction while promoting overall wellness. Available WorldWide, our PEMF energy mats are science-based devices designed to administer PEMF therapy to help you live your best, pain-free, and energetic life.

Using PEMF regularly facilitates the exchange of fluids in cells, letting out toxins and absorbing minerals, nutrients, and water to support cell function. PEMF is a common technique applied in treating failed fusions and non-union fractures. PEMF transmits electrical energy as  magnetic pulses through tissue cells. Each magnetic pulse releases an electrical signal to encourage any cellular repair required, or to simply put the cells into coherence through PEMF. These pulses improve blood circulation so that cells increase their absorption of oxygen and nutrients, and also may suppress cells’ inflammatory responses. As a result, you experience improved sleep, stress reduction, and pain relief. Give us a call for a personal consultation with our experienced PEMF Ambassadors.

How Does PEMF Work?

Think of your cells (all 37.2 trillion of them! approximately…) as power-loaded – just like batteries. Daily stressors can gradually wear them out, making your cells unable to support your body’s routine functions – and to maintain its defence against illnesses.

Overall, you may feel lethargic – and may simply need support for the cells of your body. PEMF technology can be thought of as your very own battery (i.e., your cell) recharger for every cell you have!

PEMF stimulates your cells’ Natural Energy Generation by sending supportive magnetic energy – a medically non-invasive procedure.

When cells regain their natural energy, your body functions more effectively to achieve relief, recovery and an overall rise in wellness that is cumulative with prolonged use.

The cellular stimulation/exercising performed through PEMF helps heal dysfunction at that cellular level (as that’s where it starts) and one of the first benefits can be pain relief. Often users of PEMF stimulation report a sense of relaxation during the session, and yet can feel invigorated afterwards!

Many also associate a beneficial effect on their sleep patterns to their use of PEMF stimulation…

Why Swiss Bionic Solutions?

Why PEMF? is easy enough to answer, and we’ll do that here, and hopefully make the benefits of regular PEMF use clear, but for us, the real question to ask is, Why Swiss Bionic Solutions?

And the answer to that question leads directly to SBS CEO Wolfgang Jaksch. The SBS PEMF mats and accessories are the domain of a person who has dedicated his life to bringing the best PEMF personal delivery system to the public that he can. It’s just Wolfgang’s nature to expect the very best, and he returns that!

We have hosted public meetings in Vancouver for Wolfgang to visit our end of Canada, and the customers and representatives who love his product. He arrives enthusiastic and treats his audience to his vast knowledge of PEMF and his devices with intelligence, humour, and respect. This is his passion!

And that’s not the only source of our confidence in Swiss Bionic Solutions’ CEO…

Wolfgang Jaksch has created a “family” business around the PEMF science and his products, and it is a global family… SBS’s head office is in Switzerland, where Wolfgang lives with his wife, Veronica, who not only races cars side by side with him but works side by side in SBS, along with his nephew, Manuel. SBS also has product distribution offices in Germany, Canada, the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong! This is his strength!

And we’ve all known passionate, connected people who don’t make it as far as they want, despite their enthusiasm, and this brings us to Wolfie’s ace up his sleeve – he leaves no stone unturned! In times of vast uncertainty, it requires dedication to stay the course and make sure you’re centred and ready.

SBS can boast that its product compliance meets global standards – Health Canada’s, in our home country, being one of the most exacting. As the awareness of the benefits of PEMF increases, so will the scrutiny that these health devices come under, and that will come down to the responsibility of our CEO,  to be able to maintain product COMPLIANCE globally, to simply remain in business.

Wolfgang has reached out to the SBS community often over the past few years to reassure us that SBS will not only keep its doors open, providing products and services to many, but are prepared to thrive. From global compliance to product supply…this is his intelligence!

So, with all of that in place, it simply stands to reason that this PEMF system is no slouch! Are you kidding? This is rocket fuel for your cells!

Let’s get into what’s in our energy mats and why this is the best PEMF home device, in our opinion…

Improve Your Game with PEMF Sessions

Heal and repair tissue injuries caused during sports in a few sessions of PEMF therapy.